NCWONational Council of Women's Organizations
NCWONorth Carolina Wind Orchestra (est. 1996)
NCWONorth Cheshire Wind Orchestra (Warrington, Cheshire, UK)
NCWONicer Century World Organization (Massachusetts)
NCWONew Canadian World Order (blog)
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In addition to NCWO, other founding supporters of the Even the Score campaign include: American Sexual Health Association; Association of Reproductive Health Professionals; EmpowHER; HealthyWomen; HisAndHerHealth.
FFPAM and NCWO were nominated to the official delegations for the ICPD
NCWO commits its members to lobby Congress to "balance spending on defense and social services to adequately invest in the economic security of women and families" and "restore equity to the tax system to assure the permanent revenue base needed for social spending, ensuring that corporations pay their proportionate share to support the costs of government.
The NCWO is a member of the Partnership for Long-Term Health for Women, which is the first-ever national campaign to bring together women's minority, health and aging groups with the goal of educating women about the health and disease risks they face and motivate them to make informed decisions and take proactive measures concerning their health.
In addition to Pelosi, Tchen and Munoz, NCWO will also honor other women leaders who are taking leadership roles in the new administration: future First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr.
By educating women and Congressional decision makers about advances against this deadly disease, we're empowering them to take action," said Susan Scanlan, Chair of NCWO.
Cervical cancer is a major problem among older women, who deserve access to the best preventive strategies available," said Susan Scanlan, NCWO Chair.
CLF018 10/12/2007 08:00 r f DC-NCWO-Children-TV (WASHINGTON) PTA, NEA, NCWO to Announce Unprecedented New Children's Television Initiative
18th CLF018 10/12/2007 08:00 r f DC-NCWO-Children-TV (WASHINGTON) PTA, NEA, NCWO to Announce Unprecedented New Children's Television Initiative CNF005 10/12/2007 08:30 r f GCME-stars-Invincible (BEIJING) Greater China Media & Entertainment Corporation's Stars Appear in the 'Invincible' TV Series LAF027 10/12/2007 08:30 r f CA-Sierra-Wendy's (LOS ANGELES) Spyro the Dragon to Scorch Wendy's Restaurants This Fall LAF024 10/12/2007 09:30 r f SammyHagar-Rock-Radio (CABO SAN LUCAS) Sammy Hagar Presents 'Pure Rock Radio the Way God Intended It' CLF025 10/12/2007 09:44 r f MI-new-Borders-LasVeg (ANN ARBOR) New Borders(R) Store to Open at Towne Square in Las Vegas, Nev.
A stronger satellite offering can increase the audience for satellite radio," said Susan Scanlan, NCWO Chair.