NCWPNational Council of Women of the Philippines (est. 1946)
NCWPNational Center for Women & Policing
NCWPNorthern California Writing Project (est. 1977)
NCWPNorth Central Washington Prospectors (Wenatchee, WA)
NCWPNeighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (California)
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A recent report, for example, from the NCWP argues both that male and female officers are "equally capable" and that women are, in fact, better officers in a range of respects: less prone to use excessive force, more skillful at "defusing and de-escalating potentially violent confrontation," better at securing the "cooperation and trust," and more effective in responding to incidents of domestic violence.
As the NCWP argues, "Law enforcement agencies continue to promote an outdated model of policing by rewarding tough, aggressive[,] even violent behavior.
Indeed, the report of the NCWP indicates that law enforcement agencies have shown little or no commitment to investigating and punishing domestic violence.