NCXSodium Calcium Exchanger (cell membrane protein)
NCXNorth China Express (shipping)
NCXNa (Sodium) Ca (Calcium) Exchanger
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Anuta Networks' NCX solution is breaking the industry barrier to on-board new customers without significant delay and costly expenses by automating the service delivery for MPLS tunnel-based, service provider backbone network.
Well, after readers had consulted various publications including A History of Motor Vehicle Registration in the United Kingdom and trade car guides from the period, as well as recalling when their own vehicles had been first registered, we got a definitive answer: NCX started in November 1957 and lasted until March 1958 - and the numbers between 400 and 490 were issued in 1958.
Saft announced today that its NCX Ni-Cd batteries have been selected by AT&T Inc.
The decision is a precautionary measure due to results observed in non- clinical, in vitro genotoxicity tests on NCX 4015, a potential, specific metabolite of NCX 4016.
Patients were randomized to receive either placebo or escalating doses of NCX 1000 (500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg as the first three doses during the first two days).
a world leader in semiconductor design software, today unveiled its new Liberty(TM) NCX next-generation library characterization solution for 65-nanometer (nm) and below process technologies.
Resources are focused on two lead compounds, naproxcinod (formerly HCT 3012), in phase 3 development for the treatment of osteoarthritis, and NCX 4016, in phase 2 for type 2 diabetes.
We have demonstrated that nitric oxide donation can boost the non-lipid activities of statins in preclinical studies, suggesting that NCX 6560 could represent a new statin with broadened and increased efficacy, suitable for the preventive treatment of high risk cardiovascular patients.
There is a solid scientific rationale supporting the development of NCX 4016 as an insulin sensitizing agent, based on the known effects of nitric oxide and salicylate and the recent finding that NCX 4016 releases higher and more sustained levels of salicylate than previously thought.
NicOx also announced today the successful completion of a Phase IIa clinical study of NCX 1022 ointment for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.
With almost 2 decades of business/technology experience with various Fortune 500 companies in North America, Nick Caggiano is the founder of NCX Inc.