NCYCNational Christian Youth Convention (Uniting Church in Australia)
NCYCNorth Cape Yacht Club (Lasalle, MI)
NCYCNational Catholic Youth Choir (Catholic high school summer music camp; Collegeville, MN)
NCYCNational Corn Yield Contest
NCYCNational Catholic Youth Conference
NCYCNational Collection of Yeast Cultures (UK)
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Steve James, PhD, Molecular Biologist at the NCYC, said: "We can advise whether the yeast is likely to have come from a particular ingredient and therefore a supplier problem or if the machinery or facility itself might be contaminated.
Ian Roberts, PhD, Curator at the NCYC, said: "As consumers demand more natural products and ingredients, we are finding an increase in contamination problems associated with yeasts which may be a result of the removal of certain preservatives.
Tumbleson said the NCYC is also an opportunity for farmers to match up their production skills with farmers from their states and across the nation.
For a complete list of winners and for more information about NCYC, visit the NCGA Web site: http://www.
NCYC Commodore Phil Arnall was enthused with how the event came together commenting, "Hosting the Audi IRC Australian Championships was a wonderful experience for our club and vindicates our belief that we are more than capable of conducting significant regattas.
Another interesting statistic from this year's NCYC is that six of the national winners - or more than 20 percent - had yields of more than 300 bushels per acre.
He noted producers use the NCYC to improve their operations through unparalleled opportunity to compare their own proven corn production capabilities with farmers in their states and across the country.
For a complete list of winners and for more information about the NCYC, visit the NCGA web site at: http://www.
While they earned him the top prize in the 2000 NCYC, Childs' yields were down significantly from his 1999 record yield of 393.
Winners of this year's NCYC will be recognized at the 2001 Commodity Classic, the annual combined convention and trade show of the NCGA and the American Soybean Association Feb.
According to the NCGA, 3,000 farmers from 15 states took part in the NCYC, the farmer's equivalent of the World Series, the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup.
NCYC plans to run the inaugural race on Mother's Day 2010 to conincide with seasonal sou'easters and nor'westers for pleasant reaching conditions rather than a windward slog.