NCYINational Council of Young Israel
NCYINational Center for Youth Issues (Chattanooga, TN)
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In response to this announcement, NCYI President Robert Rabon said, "The Wumblers are a perfect fit with NCYI -- helping children make positive, edifying life choices and avoid unhealthy behaviors.
We are both proud to aid the NCYI in their educational efforts as well as contribute to the bridging of the multi-cultural gaps that continue to plague our society as a result of the many unnecessary language barriers that currently exist today," says Laura Wellington, CEO of The Giddy Gander Company.
This newly formed partnership between the NCYI and The Giddy Gander Company will also be another portal for the National Watermelon Association's partnership with The Wumblers to reach children and teach them about the benefits of watermelon for their health and nutritional well-being.