NCZNorth Carolina Zoo
NCZNo Canvassing Zone (Hong Kong)
NCZNeighborhood Commercial Zone (various locations)
NCZNitrogen Chemicals of Zambia Ltd.
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Table 1: CBA Results for Project 1 Deliverables Advantages Qualification D1: New Model Reduced energy Current for Thermo- usage production Magnetic method: Induction Reduced time 120 kg N is Reaction System consumption required to produce 3 tons of yield/season/ha D2: One-Step NCZ urea synthesis method Enhanced production method: D3: Concept 60 kg N is design of an required to integrated produce 3 tons of Ammonia/Urea yield/season/ha Processes.
Khattar has urged the NCRPB and NRSC to provide assistance in amending the existing or proposed land use plan of SRP- 2021 of the Haryana sub region by incorporating the final outcome of the NCZ groundtruthing at the earliest.
Hence, the status of balance pockets could be determined for the purpose of delineation of NCZ,"said a source.
Fecal DNC levels did not correlate well with plasma DNC levels, likely due to NCZ being administered as a bolus dose rather than being fed ad libitum.
Fund Names and CUSIP numbers will also change on or about January 28, 2013 for each series of preferred shares outstanding of NCV and NCZ as indicated below.
a) Net assets are inclusive of Preferred Shares of $357 million and $274 million for NCV and NCZ, respectively.