ND1NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Dehydrogenase 1
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Each DNA sample was quantified in triplicates using either ND1 or HBB primers in parallel reactions.
El Analisis molecular del ADN mitocondrial materno para tARN-leu1 mitocondrial, ND1 (subunidad 1 del Complejo I de la NADH deshidrogenasa), tARNlys mitocondrial, ATPasa 8 (subunidad ATP sintetasa 8 del complejo V) y subunidad ATPasa 6 del Complejo V, no detectaron mutaciones.
When comparing the results of sequencing of ND1 in G1 and G3 by Gen-Bank were showed identity (100%) in Wasit province and identically with Iraqi also have identity (100%) for ND1 of G1 and G3.
In this study, we investigated the genetic population structure of dolphinfish around Puerto Rico and in the western central Atlantic at 2 spatial scales, using the mtDNA ND1 gene.
The honorees included actor Alec Baldwin, for his commitment to the arts and culture of New York City; Cisco for its TelePresence technology through which ND1 held the first-ever virtual dance rehearsal; Ron Moelis, co-founder and CEO of L+M Development Partners who helped develop the PS90 building which will house NDI's new permanent home; and Shirley Young, for her longstanding support of NDI's international cultural exchange program.
Molecular systematics of the North American freshwater bivalve genus Quadrula (Unionidae: Ambleminae) based on mitochondrial ND1 sequences.
0 RC10 AdV Isospora beli ND1 and Strongyloides stercoralis RC11 CMV Complex 0.
Meanwhile, Nick Dompierre and DC posted up at Golds Bar on Broome Street in NYC to present their new shoe, the ND1.
Se obtuvieron 44 secuencias (34 correspondieron a los pacientes incluidos inicialmente en el estudio, 5 a familiares de pacientes en quienes se detecto la mutacion, y 5 en controles), 9 de las cuales se compararon con una secuencia consenso, encontrando cinco polimorfismos (cuatro en el gen ND1 y uno en el gen [tRNA.
Previous sequencing of the ND1 mitochondrial gene revealed substantial sequence variation between these species (ca.
Eastern and western clade data taken from mtDNA ND1 gene published in Hoffman and Blouin (2004).
vagans using two portions of mitochondrial DNA (partial 16SRNA + tRNA-Leu + partial ND1 and CO1) and one nuclear non-coding gene (ITS-2).