ND2NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit 2
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Five types of stop codons are used by the PCGs, including TAA for Nd1, Cox2, Atp8, Atp6, Nd3, Nd4l and Cytb, TAG for Nd2 and Nd6, AGG for Cox1, AGA for Nd5, and T for Cox3 and Nd4.
ND2 was amplified with initial denaturing at 94[degrees]C for 2 min followed by 40 cycles at 94[degrees]C for 45 s, 58[degrees]C for 1 min, 72[degrees]C for 2 min, and 72[degrees]C for 10 min.
Relationship between chromosomal races/ subraces in the brachypterous grasshopper Podisma sapporensis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) inferred from mitochondrial ND2 and COI gene sequences.
For more than three weeks, divers carried out an intense series of surface-supply dives, which required time in Salvor's hyperbaric diving operations chamber to fully recover, explained ND2 Hunter Reed, a native of Fayetteville, Ark.
The same methods were used to amplify and to sequence the complete mitochondrial ND2 gene (totaling 1041 bp) from E.
Kumar et a1 (52) showed significant nucleotide changes in the mitochondrial gene (ATPase 6, ATPase 8, ND2, ND3, ND4 and ND 5) in the semen of the infertile men.
Review of monophyly of the Kyphosidae (sensu Nelson, 1994), inferred from the mitochondrial ND2 gene.
Primers Con3 and Con2 were used for the partial amplification of the VP4 gene and primers 1T-1, 2T-1, 3T-1, 4T-1, 5T-1, and ND2 were then used to ascertain the P genotype (13).
The Nd2 allele found in UChA rats differs from all other Nd2 alleles reported in the literature; moreover, this specific allele was found in every UChA rat studied.
caciones, 2001) prescribe tres niveles de ductilidad global que dependen del tipo de estructura y del nivel de diseno, correspondiendo el ND3 a estructuras disenadas para permitir disipacion de energia bajo sismos fuertes, el ND2 a estructuras disenadas con detallado sismorresistente intermedio y el ND1 que corresponde al diseno de estructuras sin requerimientos sismorresistentes especiales.
Preliminary mtDNA sequence data from the D-loop and the ND2 gene support the distinction of the northeastern populations from those from south Florida and Louisiana (unpubl.
All other reading frames of three species ended with TAA (ND1, ND2, ND4L and ND5), AGG (COI) and TAG (ATPase8).