ND3NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit 3
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We're all ready to step in anytime and dive or assist hands-on in any way," said ND3 Andrew Kornelsen, a native of Madison, Wis.
The ND3 Laser Designator creates true night vision and turns a scoped rifle into a night hunter.
1992), a portion of the 16s ribosomal gene (Parker and Kornfield, 1996), and a region spanning the cytochrome oxidase III, t-RNA glycine, and ND3 genes (hereafter, referred to as COIII/ND3) (Domanico and Phillips, 1995).
A single individual of each salmonid species listed in Table 1 was sequenced for both the 16s rRNA and COIII/ ND3 regions.
A second intraspecific polymorphism in chinook salmon was observed at position 341 between our ND3 sequence and the published sequence (Domanico and Phillips, 1995) (Fig.
ND3 Levi Hughes helps ND1 Greg Lamar exit the former Soviet submarine Juliett 484.
Although ND3 has thoughtfully been provided to cater for dancers over 40, Lightfoot doubts that he will be moving on to the senior company.