ND4NADH Dehydrogenase Unit 4
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A novel missense mutation C11994T in the mitochondrial ND4 gene as a cause of low sperm motility in the Indian subcontinent.
Mutation C 11994T in the mitochondrial ND4 gene is not a cause of low sperm motility in Portugal.
Primers for PCR amplification of the SRY, ND4 and ND5 genes were designed basically according to Sasazaki et al.
To verify the physiologic changes associated with vision loss in the ND4 mice retina, the investigators also recorded and compared pattern electroretinogram (PERG) findings between affected mice and controls.
The same 18 specimens generated eight novel ND4 sequences that we trimmed to 456 bp length for comparative purposes (GenBank accession numbers EU288176 to EU288179).
We conducted a combined Bayesian phylogenetic analysis involving published ND4, COI, and 28S sequences for bathymodiolin mussels (Fig.
Region Primer sequence 12S/16S 12SA-L: 5' AAA CTG GGA TTA GAT ACC CCA CTA T 3' 16SA-H: 5' ATG TTT TTG ATA AAC AGG CG 3' ATPase 6 H8969: 5' GGG GNC GRA TRA ANA GRC T 3' L8331: 5' TAA GCR NYA GCC TTT TAA G 3' ND4 ARG-BL: 5' CAA GAC CCT TGA TTT CGG CTC A 3' LEU: 5' CCA GAG TTT CAG GCT CCT AAG ACC A 3' S7 ribosomal S7RPEX2F: 5' AGC GCC AAA ATA GTG AAG CC 3' S7RPEX2R: 5' GCC TTC AGG TCA GAG TTC AT 3' Actin intron F3: 5' ATG CCT CTG GTC GTA CCA CTG G 3' R1: 5' CAG GTC CTTACG GAT GTC G 3' Region PCR conditions Citation 12S/16S 94[degrees]C for 1 min.
Analisis geneticos del gen mitocondrial ND4 y cinco marcadores microsatelite de ADN indican que la poblacion puede ser relativamente homogenea a traves de su distribucion.
2000) and later by examination of four genes (18S rRNA, 28S rRNA, ND4 and COI) in a variety of bathymodiolid species.
Furthermore, if a single primer pair is used inside the deleted region, as proposed previously for the ND4 gene (25), a deleted mtDNA region could be missed.
Initial screening demonstrated that the mitochondrial ND4 gene region and the nuclear MN32-2 locus produced the most reliable amplifications across taxa and PCR conditions were optimized for these loci.
An example of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy not involving a mutation in the mitochondrial ND4 gene.