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ND5NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit 5
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ND5 and Arizona are the first in a series of next generation HD trucks that will debut across NEP in 2012, including: ND6 in the Supershooters fleet; a new entertainment truck, Entourage, in the Sweetwater fleet; and an additional HD truck in NEP's UK fleet.
Both Arizona and ND5 build on our thirty years of experience designing mobile television production facilities.
2010) were used to sequence a 585 base-pair (bp) fragment of the ND5 gene from three individuals; these were compared to ND5 sequences in Carson et al.
RESULTS--No variation in cytb (969 bp) or ND5 (564 bp) sequences was observed among the 18 individuals sequenced.
Primers for PCR amplification of the SRY, ND4 and ND5 genes were designed basically according to Sasazaki et al.
4]III, Tsp509I (New England Biolabs, USA), were used for PCR-RFLP tests in SRY, ND4 and ND5 genes, respectively.
We commenced our first trial using the ND5 commercial device earlier this year.
However, for the 2 patients with ND5 mutations (patients 2 and 3 in Fig.
RCC-deficient patients from Results from the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Mayo Clinic Patient Clinical and laboratory HSC (b) RCC enzyme findings (a) diagnosis activity (c) 1 Lactic acidosis; failure CI CI, 34% to thrive; hypertonic; CI lack of assembly of by Western blotting; increased L/P ratio; CI III, 34% 2 G13513A mtDNA mutation CI CI, 36% in ND5 subunit of CI; ~80% mutant heteroplasmy as determined by DNA digest; increased L/P ratio; CI III, 33%; CI+III:CS, 0.
change Gene B1T 5 G3010A RNR2 B1T 7 A4769G ND2 B1T 11 A9448G CO3 B1T 16 A15326G Cyt-b S2T 3 C476T RNR1 S2T 8 G5979A CO1 S2T 10 C7956T CO2 S2T 12 C10527T ND4L S2T 13 C12465T ND5 S2T 1 C16520T D-loop B8T 2 A263G R sequence B8T 14 A13032G ND5 B8T 16 C15409T Cyt-b B8T 17 A16051G D-loop S3T 6 C3992T ND1 S3T 7 T5004C ND2 S3T 10 G8269A CO2 S3T 11 G9123A ATP6 S3T 12 A10044G tG S3T 16 A15326G Cyt-b Detected in Detected in Homoplasmy or Tumor uniplex?
The T12338C mutation changes the initiation codon of methionine in ND5 to threonine.