NDAANational Defense Authorization Act
NDAANational District Attorneys Association
NDAANon-Developmental Airlift Aircraft
NDAANational Dunking Association of America
NDAANational Democratic Action Association
NDAANebraska Dental Assistants Association
NDAANortheast Disabled Athletics Association (Burlington, VT)
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The NDAA and its passage will ensure that our four-legged veterans will finally have their chance to come home and live a comfortable quiet life, hopefully with a handler they deployed with or a fellow veteran," said Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung, USMC (Ret.
The NDAA provision is part a larger congressional effort to prod federal agencies to rethink how they buy information systems.
The 2007 NDAA amended the Insurrection Act of 1807, which for 1 year allowed the President, without the prior knowledge or consent of the governors, "to federalize the National Guard and mobilize all other military components to respond to 'any serious emergency.
9) Although this delegation has been historically executed via memorandum, the last delegation of authority for commanders to use their O&M for minor military construction only authorized projects not exceeding $750,000, the cost ceiling for O&M funded construction prior to the 2015 NDAA.
If the NDAA served as the first domino to fall in a chain reaction, the next domino needing to fall was one related to developing a line-up of course offerings that align with the new certification requirements.
separate definition of probable cause in the 2014 NDAA, it is safe to
The vague terminology in Section 1021 deeply concerns many journalists and political activists who didn't know whether their actions under the First Amendment could make them suspects under the new 2012 NDAA.
The NDAA, passed in Congress every year to fund the military, is a slam-dunk.
But Senate action on NDAA could get stuck and roll into next year," one industry lobbyist said.
In addition to the loss of aircraft, the FY13 NDAA authorizes the inactivation of the 917th FG and 47th Fighter Squadron.
NDAA 2012 Section 1021 is being contested as unconstitutional in federal court by a group of activists headed by Pultizer Prize winner Chris Hedges, but for now it remains law (http://stopndaa.