NDACNot Data Accepted (IEEE-488/IEC-625 interface bus)
NDACNational Diving & Activity Centre (Chepstow, Gloucestershire, England)
NDACNuclear Defense Affairs Committee
NDACNew Denver Ad Club
NDACNational Debt Awareness Campaign
NDACNorthern Dutchess Aquatic Club (Red Hook, NY)
NDACNaval Data Automation Command
NDACNetwork Design & Analysis Capability (US NCS)
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NDAC '77 was held at the newly completed showplace Hyatt Embarcadero Hotel, with its multistoried garden lobby, its glassed external elevators and its revolving penthouse lounge with views of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
The Clinics' Training Division, a subdivision of the drug treatment unit, had reorganized to present NDAC '77 and was in a prime position to bid on new industry-funded research/training programs.
In response to the recommendations of the NDAC, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and the Personal Care Product Council (Council) Coalition commissioned a series of studies with the goal of developing a new methodology based on the current standard method for assessing the efficacy of consumer antibacterial hand wash products and linking the test results with clinical infection data.
FDA advisory committees do occasionally take up issues of that kind; in other meetings, for example, the NDAC struggled at length with the problem that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is often used for suicidal overdose.
Since my term on the NDAC officially ended in May 2005, the position I resigned was actually as a consultant.
6 million for the 29,000-member patient list of NDAC and for the bulk of its assets.
We are excited about the future and look forward to making significant contributions as part of the Liberty team while providing terrific service to our patients," comments NDAC chairman Steven Rotwein.
Mean and median values of NDAC are negative due to depreciation and are similar to results reported in Subramanyam (1996).
1 three-wire handshake, shown in Figure S1, requires the listener to unassert NRFD, the talker to assert the DAV signal to indicate to the listener that a data byte is available and the listener to unassert the NDAC signal when it has accepted that byte.
Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, NDAC provides diabetes testing supplies and respiratory medications primarily to Medicare beneficiaries throughout the country.
The NDAC panel unanimously recommended that consumer antimicrobial products should provide a clinical benefit through the reduction of infection.
Chattem disagrees with the determination and recommendation of the NDAC and believes that Dexatrim with PPA is a safe and effective way of treating moderate obesity when taken in accordance with directions.