NDACANNational Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
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The subsequent sharing of all this information via NDACAN not only helps to verify original findings and ensure that data are not lost, but it also allows the data to be utilized most fully and to be accessible to the research community.
To protect sensitive information, NDACAN has never placed data from the archive on the Internet for public download or online analysis.
In response to this, NDACAN recommended to the Children's Bureau that investigators be given two years of exclusive use before being required to archive their data.
To ameliorate these concerns, NDACAN created a "Terms of Use Agreement" that removes all liability from the contributor.
In addition to its careful handling of data and the diverse services it offers, NDACAN organizes a number of conferences and workshops.
Currently the NDACAN staff consists of Eckenrode, who works with the archive part-time because of his teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities, and four others.
Although NDACAN is not set up to be an institute that recommends policies, Eckenrode hopes that information about the nature and consequences of child abuse and neglect will serve as the rationale for policy decisions.