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i) The study took place among the Ndau people hence a Ndau term for nhimbe is humwe or mukote.
Surprisingly, the socio-culturally fettered Ndau women of Chipinge district rather remained aloof and mainly took part in ICBT at the turn of the 21st century.
Though Kamba Simango is central to the story, as the title suggests, other lesser known but clearly influential Ndau evangelists also come to the fore, such as Tapera Nkomo and Bede Simango.
The early missionary activity could be perceived of as calculated unethical cultural assault, meant to deliberately disrupt cultural identities "through denigration of indigenous faith and decline in indegineous ritual life" In particular, the emergence of Chibarirwe could be reasonably perceived to have been premised primarily on the need to conserve and dialogically develop the indigenous cultural framework for the Ndau and Karanga indigenous converts to Christianity, especially against cultural incursions by the American Board Mission in Manicaland and the Dutch Reformed Church in Masvingo.
Julio Razao Nihia, outro lomwe, estava a testa das relacoes internas, secundado por Samuel Dhlakama, um ndau.
MACGONAGLE, Elizabeth, A mixed pot: history and identity in the Ndau region of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, 1500-1900.
This book features authentic regional songs and sayings from the Ndau tribe of Portuguese East Africa and the Zulus of South Africa: labor chants, dances, laments, songs of war and love, proverbs, legends and fables.
The languages spoken by the team include Creole, Luganda, Swahili, Fante, French, Ga, Gujarati, Hindu, Italian, Ndau, Nyanja, Shona, Spanish, Twi and Yoruba, reported New Vision.
I have relatives in Zimbabwe and I speak perfect Shona and Ndau.
By exploring traditions such as string-tying ceremonies, the use of various musical instruments, and the meanings and artistry of pa ndau story cloths, students will gain a broad perspective on this unique culture.
Called ``pa ndau,'' or flower cloth, the 8-foot by 10-foot quilt is a modern example of a cherished and revered art.