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NDBNondirectional Radio Beacon
NDBNon Directional Beacon
NDBNeue Deutsche Biographie (German)
NDBNational Development Bank (Sri Lanka)
NDBNational Discount Brokers
NDBNext Business Day
NDBNuclear Depth Bomb
NDBNever Done Before
NDBNavigational Data Base
NDBNon-Deductible Breakfast (film/acting)
NDBNone of Your Damned Business
NDBNetworked Database Service
NDBNetWare Database
NDBNetwork Dependent Business
NDBNew Developments in Bioinorganic
NDBNutrient Databank Identifier (USDA)
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6 percent of the global population, 21 percent of the world's economy and nearly half of the world's foreign exchange market (forex) reserves- decided on establishing NDB in 2013 and supplying it with USD 100 billions.
The leaders will also be informed of the status of ratification process within each BRICS country of the NDB Agreement and CRA Treaty.
The ambassador underlined the status of the NDB as 'alternative' to the IMF, an 'alternative' which, if the current situation in Greece is any indication, is sorely needed.
The NDB will never supplant the Bretton Woods institutions, nor does it have to.
That was a clear signal that motivated the big five: China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa to push for the NDB in a reflection on the changing power balance in today's world with many blaming Washington and particularly its Congress not to endorse reforms of the two institutions.
Funded by the BRICS, the NDB will finance sustainable development within member nations, emerging economies and developing countries.
Elwood Kirkpatrick served the dairy industry for nearly 30 years, playing an instrumental role in domestic and international dairy marketing," says Steve Maddox, California dairy producer and outgoing NDB chairman.
The expansion will deploy Chemtra's proprietary NDB technology producing a one-pack product that provides customers with both efficiency and safety over the use of single-powder components, GSI said.
GSI is the only antioxidants and NDB manufacturer in the Middle East.
The NDB apparently was a unique institution; Igra mentions no similar private agency created by Italians or Irish or any other ethnic group.
The NDB (Network Database) Cluster database server--developed by Ericsson, available from Alzato--was designed to meet this requirement.
Anox NDB is also manufactured in Pedrengo, Italy, as mentioned above, and at sites in the U.