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NDBNondirectional Radio Beacon
NDBNon Directional Beacon
NDBNeue Deutsche Biographie (German)
NDBNational Development Bank (Sri Lanka)
NDBNational Discount Brokers
NDBNext Business Day
NDBNuclear Depth Bomb
NDBNever Done Before
NDBNavigational Data Base
NDBNon-Deductible Breakfast (film/acting)
NDBNone of Your Damned Business
NDBNetworked Database Service
NDBNetWare Database
NDBNetwork Dependent Business
NDBNew Developments in Bioinorganic
NDBNutrient Databank Identifier (USDA)
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By reinforcing accountability for personal information protection, the NDB scheme supports greater consumer and community trust in data management.
Sri Lanka-based NDB has been awarded Best Overall Local Bank in South Asia for BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) at the Asiamoney New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017.
Mutize and Gossel argue that the NDB has already fallen into the trap of operating like the institutions that it is seeking to replace.
Why don't the RNAV approaches have that same MSA segmentation as the NDB approach ?
According to NDB president KV Kamath, a renowned Indian banker, the multilateral development bank starts with an objective of funding infrastructure projects in developing countries and meeting the aspirations of millions through sustainable development.
The Shanghai- headquartered NDB has a book of USD 911 million and plans to close 2016 with a book of USD 1 billion, which will be raised up to USD 2.
The majority of the cases are linked to Islamist terrorism and to the Syrian conflict," NDB spokeswoman Carolina Bohren told the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper, adding that all cases raised "relevant security concerns.
Clearly, it would make a lot of sense if these projects were handled through an institution like the NDB.
6 percent of the global population, 21 percent of the world's economy and nearly half of the world's foreign exchange market (forex) reserves- decided on establishing NDB in 2013 and supplying it with USD 100 billions.
The ambassador underlined the status of the NDB as 'alternative' to the IMF, an 'alternative' which, if the current situation in Greece is any indication, is sorely needed.
dominates the policies by virtue of having the power of veto, in the NDB every country has equal number of votes.
That was a clear signal that motivated the big five: China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa to push for the NDB in a reflection on the changing power balance in today's world with many blaming Washington and particularly its Congress not to endorse reforms of the two institutions.