NDBCNational Data Buoy Center
NDBCNational Duckpin Bowling Congress (Washington, DC, USA)
NDBCNational Dry Bean Council
NDBCNational Diploma in Business Computing (New Zealand)
NDBCNational Data Broadcasting Committee
NDBCNational Data Broadcast Center (digital TV)
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With the nation's emphasis on the ocean, NDBC sits in an enviable position -- that of an organization poised for growth and with a mechanism to do just that.
SAIC's support to NDBC involves the maintenance of 152 gathering stations that collect real-time data on atmosphere, ocean, wind, rainfall, temperature and salinity that collect real-time atmospheric (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and winds) and ocean (sea surface temperature, currents, and waves) data.
NDBC is comprised of a combination of NOAA civil service employees, U.
NDBC requires technical services to provide uninterrupted delivery of high quality, real-time environmental data to the operational elements of NOAA and the National Weather Service for weather and ocean forecasts and warnings, and climate variability indications and assessments.
Based on national dialogue, NDBC predicts a three-fold increase in its capability requirements in the next 10 years.
The NDBC operates and maintains a network of about 125 automated moored buoys and coastal stations in seas bordering the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Micronesia.
As the NDBC support contractor, CSC is also responsible for base facility operations, as well as installation and field-service work in support of the center's remote data-acquisition stations.
This was primarily due to NDBC not capitalizing on certain market opportunities afforded to it during the month of July 2000 and technological difficulties which interrupted trading activities at NDBC on a few days during July 2000.
com, as well as institutional and broker-dealer order flow directly to NDBC.
charges for NDBC are before the elimination of payment for order flow
For the fiscal year ended May 31, 2000, AutEx ranked NDBC the seventh largest NASDAQ/OTC market maker in the United States in terms of share volume, up from tenth for the prior fiscal year.
com and NDBC transactions by early calendar year 2001.