NDBRNanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (India)
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In the 2007 and 2008 exercises, 3 category A organisms were provided to participating laboratories: Bacillus anthracis (Sterne strain), Yersinia pestis (CDC A1122 devoid of the 75-kb low-calcium response virulence plasmid), and Francisella tularensis (live vaccine strain; includes NDBR 101 lots, TSI-GSD lots, and ATCC 29684).
Lanxess NdBRs especially have convincing key properties due to their narrow polydispersity and high linearity.
Regarding the rolling resistance indicator, the modified NdBRs show the same or even better performance compared to the standard NdBR grades of the same Mooney group, whereas the processing properties are just as good as the ones for the lower-performance class.