NDCLEUNarcotics Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit
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The NDCLEU and Nepal's customs and immigration services are improving coordination and cooperation.
The NDCLEU notes that the pharmacies have the capacity to manufacture prescription-based drugs, and some pharmacies provide those drugs to anyone willing to pay for bogus prescription drugs, but practices like this are common enough in many developing countries, where pharmacists are frequently the only health professionals accessible to poor populations.
The NDCLEU has noted an increase in arrests of Nepalese couriers in other countries in recent years as an indication that Nepalese were becoming more involved in the drug trade both as couriers and as traffickers.
Training program for the courier and cargo services on drug awareness is another important program conducted by NDCLEU.
The NDCLEU in 2009 conducted three training programs for field-level officers from a number of GON law enforcement agencies and ministries.
The NDCLEU reports that arrests and drug seizures increased in 2007.
Nevertheless, the NDCLEU says customs and border controls are weak along Nepal's land borders with India and China, while the Indian border is essentially open.
In response to reports from the NDCLEU of increased trafficking and criminal behavior among Nigerian tourists, the Home Ministry has sent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a proposal to restrict the travel of Nigerians to Nepal.
The NDCLEU reported that it is responsible for arresting 35 percent of the prisoners in Nepali jails.
The NDCLEU said customs and border controls were weak along Nepal's land borders with India and China, while the Indian border was essentially open.
The United States, NDCLEU, and other donors work together through regional drug liaison offices and through the Kathmandu Mini-Dublin Group of Countries Offering Narcotics Related Assistance.