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NDCPNational Defense College of the Philippines
NDCPNonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan
NDCPNatural Death Care Project
NDCPNavy Decision Coordinating Paper
NDCPNepomak Discover Cyprus Program (travel program)
NDCPNavy Development Concept Paper
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The net effect of OCC 2004-56 has been a surge of interest by banks in using BOLI to fund their SERPs, NDCPs and other employee benefit obligations.
The study tour in Myanmarwhich aims to deepen the engagement between the Philippines and Myanmaris part of the Global Security and Development Study (GSDS) for the Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) of the NDCP.
Chua who said the NDCPs visit to Myanmar is meaningful as the Philippines and Myanmar celebrate this year the 60th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations.
Established in 2005 to unify both the buying power and manpower of four existing regional centers, NDCP is a co-operative that is owned and operated by the franchisees of the Dunkin' Brands system.
in criminology at the NDCP, Cojuangco was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Interior Undersecretary for Special Concerns and Muslim Needs.
OTC Bulletin Board: NDCP - News) a leading provider of mobile computing solutions, announced today that the company has developed new break-though technology in RouteRider LE Version 8 to significantly reduce Direct Store Delivery (DSD) servicing time for route delivery personnel in the food and beverage industry.
president of the NDCP, say that the activity was crucial to gaining an understanding of "the importance of gender and development in Philippine national security.
NDI") (OTC Bulletin Board: NDCP - News) a leading provider of mobile computing solutions, announced today that the Company Board of Directors has approved a reverse stock split and established a ratio of 1-for 15.
Continuing a tradition of developing de-facto industry standards for broadcast equipment automation and control, Harris Corporation has introduced NDCP (Network Device Control Protocol).
Consolidation and remote operation of broadcast facilities are wide-spread industry objectives today, and we developed NDCP to help broadcasters control devices over almost any network, making centralization of their automation system, remote control of equipment at multiple station locations, and the associated cost savings a reality.
Built on TCP/IP as a public protocol using XML, NDCP is both easy to implement and provides an open, platform-independent solution for connectivity via local or wide area networks.
of America CXC l0/94 $17 1/2 National Datacomputer NDCP l0/94 $2 Applied Science & Tech.