NDCSNational Drug Control Strategy
NDCSNational Deaf Childrens Society (UK)
NDCSNetwork Data Control System
NDCSNew Designs Charter School (Los Angeles, CA)
NDCSNotre Dame Catholic School (various locations)
NDCSNarrowband Digital Cross-Connect System
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Alasdair O'Hara from the Northern Ireland office of the NDCS said current provision is inadequate.
But the NDCS said it was worried that so many deaf children left secondary school without five good GCSEs.
Prior to his execution in Nebraska's electric chair, Joubert wrote and signed a letter authorizing NDCS to release the drawings to Pettit so that they could be analyzed by mental health professionals.
Jo Campion, NDCS deputy director of policy and campaigns, said: "The support that Warwickshire County Council is refusing to fund for many deaf children is not an optional extra - it is vital for deaf children to be able to achieve at school.
I join the NDCS in its campaign for fair access to family sign language classes and a coherent approach to budget allocation.
We are impressed by the work of the NDCS and we are delighted to be involved again with this year's event.
NDCS members are appointed in accordance with the rules of procedure along the following lines: a) 25 members are appointed by the National Agency for Sport; b) 10 members are appointed by the Romanian National Olympic Committee; c) 15 members are appointed by the national Olympic sports federations; d) 8 members are appointed by the national non-Olympic sports federations; e) 2 members are appointed by the professional leagues; f) 1 member is appointed by the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport.
The DFFC Pledge has been developed by the NDCS in partnership with the Football Association to ensure football clubs are deaf friendly and are committed to creating equal playing and coaching opportunities for deaf people.
Almost all those incarcerated by NDCS will encounter Nelsen; each sentenced offender arriving at the ACA-accredited DEC is subject to an intensive medical and mental-health screening.
She said: "The cause is very close to my heart and I encourage everyone to get behind NDCS in helping to overcome the challenges deaf children face in everyday life.
The ex-defender, who made 136 appearances for Blues between 1988 and 1993, will oversee the Deaf Friendly FC initiative as new football development officer for deaf charity NDCS.
Iain Simpson, NDCS family weekends manager, said: "The weekend event will be a powerful source of support for families, providing them with a positive view of deafness.