NDDNorton Disk Doctor (Norton Utilities)
NDDNext-Day Delivery
NDDNature Deficit Disorder
NDDNational Direct Dialing
NDDNational Diploma in Design (UK)
NDDNarcotics Detection Dog
NDDNational Distribution Division
NDDNetwork Demarcation Device
NDDNon-Decision Directed (digital communications)
NDDNational Diploma in Dairying (UK)
NDDNegotiation-Decision Document
NDDNetwork Design Document
NDDNeurologically Determined Death
NDDNo Designated Driver
NDDNormalized Defect Density
NDDNon-Dimensional Data
NDDNavigational Data Display
NDDNetwork Descriptive Database (Sprint)
NDDNon-coherent Differential Detection
NDDNon-Linear Data Directed
NDDNon-Decreasing Differences
NDDNon-Dimensional Drawing
NDDNext Duty Day
NDDNetwork Detailed Design
NDDNumerical Decision Diagram (computer science)
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Children with severe NDD had a high incidence of perinatal seizures compared to children in the 2nd and 3rd group (p<0.
In this study, when total score was calculated for each baby depending upon the antenatal and postnatal risk factors, 12% babies fell in mild risk category for NDD.
Hanalyn Sandatu-Piang, an alumnus, said she felt honored to lead a journey to the past by helping former schoolmates recall NDD history from old notes records and oral stories during the homecoming on Dec.
funding for science) along with even deeper spending cuts through "sequestration"-- automatic across-the-board cuts to both defense and NDD that took hold because Congress failed to agree to a more comprehensive deficit reduction plan (which would have involved a combination of tax increases and more targeted spending cuts).
While NDD donors will continue to be recruited by transplant programs, they have shown to be relatively static in number and cannot meet current demand for organ supply, nor ongoing increases.
But, because the emphasis is on outdoor nature play, it can help alleviate many aspects of NDD.
For this reason, the introduction of the NDD was highly expedient.
NDD spending includes all the funding for the science and mission agencies involved in weather and climate, like the National Science Foundation (NSF), NOAA, NASA, the Department of Energy (DoE), and the U.
Cuts to NDD programs over the years have been exacerbated by the continuation of the sequestration deal forged two years ago.
As part of a redevelopment and renewal plan, downtown buildings and storefronts of historic value have been selected to be renovated with the assistance of the NDD.
Last July the NLN endorsed, with 3,000 other organizations, a letter to Congress opposing sequestration of NDD programs.