NDDFNational Drug Data File (database)
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allege that Warner Chilcott changed NDDF codes in a manner that might
The NDDF plus (now known as FDB MedKnowledge) guides
FirstData Bank's Drug Information Framework[TM] enables developers to build healthcare solutions faster, using the time-tested NDDF Plus knowledge base and critical decision-support modules.
First DataBank's NDDF Plus is one of the healthcare industry's most widely used sources of up-to-date drug information.
NDDF Plus combines drug descriptive and pricing information with an extensive array of clinical decision-support modules.
PharmaSURVEYOR will provide online access to NDDF Plus codes through Web services using a pay-per-use pricing model.
Utilizing FirstDatabank's NDDF Plus(TM)drug knowledge base, Rcopia checks drug-drug interaction checking and drug-allergy alerts to reduce the incidence of medication errors and adverse drug events.
NDDF Plus provides Rcopia with its drug database, drug interactions, and allergy interaction information to reduce the incidence of medication errors and adverse drug events, which can result in shorter hospital stays, lower medical costs, and improved patient care.
First DataBank will make available within the Metaphrase Thesaurus the set of unique code identifiers and descriptive terms that represent therapeutic classifications, ingredients, generic drug formulations, and packaged drug products within the NDDF.