NDDFNational Drug Data File (database)
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Utilizing the Drug Information Framework, the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong will integrate NDDF Plus into their Medication Order Entry (MOE) and Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS), to provide decision support at the points of prescribing and dispensing.
And," added MediMedia Vice President of Sales, Sandy White, "we know many of our customers will be pleased to be able to access First DataBank's trusted NDDF Plus drug knowledge bases.
Our NDDF Plus(TM) knowledge base combines the proven drug information of our National Drug Data File(R) with our advanced clinical decision-support modules--to deliver complete descriptive, pricing and clinical information for every drug approved by the FDA.
Since AHFSfirst web edition links the AHFS Drug Information monographs to the NDDF Plus(TM) knowledge base, the researcher can find topics from either source on any drug, or move between AHFS and NDDF Plus(TM) information on a wide variety of clinical topics.
First DataBank is very pleased that Lexical selected our NDDF data for integration into Metaphrase," said Jim Wilson, vice president of Marketing and Sales for First DataBank.
First DataBank's NDDF provides physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals with an immense support instrument for drug side effects, drug-drug interactions, precautions and much more.
based First DataBank today has added Tall Man Plus drug identification data to its NDDF Plus drug knowledge base.
This software enables information system developers to encapsulate First DataBank's NDDF Plus(TM) and IDDF-Canada(TM) knowledge bases into end-user healthcare information systems quickly and economically.
The NDC numbers were used to link the records to drug-specific information from the NDDF, such as the ingredient(s) in a given drug, formulation (e.
One of our goals at NDDF is to attract technology-related business who create professional job opportunities here in North Dakota," said Dean Reese, CEO of the Fund.
This software enables developers to build healthcare solutions more efficiently," he said, "smoothly integrating their chosen reference content with First DataBank's NDDF Plus and selected clinical modules.
FirstData Bank's Drug Information Framework[TM] enables developers to build healthcare solutions faster, using the time-tested NDDF Plus knowledge base and critical decision-support modules.