NDEANational Defense Education Act
NDEANorth Dakota Education Association (Bismarck, ND)
NDEANational Distance Education Association (Lithuania)
NDEANotre Dame Educational Association (Cotabato City, Philippines)
NDEANorth Devon Enterprise Agency (UK)
NDEAN-Nitroso-N-Diethylamine (chemical)
NDEANew Double Entry Accounting
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The chromatogram of the reference standard displayed the elution of NDMA, NPYR, NDEA and NPIP at a concentration of 0.
The NDEA appears on track, based on data as of October 2011, to record an increase in seizures and cases filed involving illegal drugs.
Assessing the technical efficiency, service effectiveness, and technical effectiveness of the world's railways through NDEA analysis, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 42(10): 1283-1294.
Por otra parte, en Rusia y Estonia la suma de la NDMA y la NDEA en productos carnicos y en pescado no debe superar el nivel maximo establecido de 2,0-4,0 [micron]g/kg (Decision del Gobierno de la Republica de Estonia, 2000; Domanska y Kowalski, 2003).
While your skin doesn't absorb TEA and DEA, it can absorb NDEA.
The NDEA also represented the greatest fears of eighteenth-century opponents of government schooling: it made national educational policy merely a facet of the United States' foreign policy, stepping up science education in a race to beat the Soviet Union at the arms and technological advancement game.
This also coincided with one of the goals of NDEA to identify and prepare gifted students for careers in science, mathematics, and foreign languages.
Clowse (1981, 155) found that in the first six years of the NDEA (Congress extended the NDEA in 1963), the following occurred: 8,500 graduate students were given fellowships; 600,000 undergraduates were given federal loans; 17,400 teachers were trained at foreign language institutes; federal loans were received by 42,000 new technicians trained in vocational schools; and the number of guidance counselors rose from 12,000 to 30,000.
63) The NDEA allocated almost one billion dollars for research, training, and curriculum development aimed at gifted students.
16) In rats, NDEA has been shown to be metabolized to its active ethyl radical metabolite, and the reactive product interacts with nuclear enzymes involved in DNA repair/replication causing mutation, which would lead to carcinogenesis.
Innovations coming from the 1958 NDEA funded groups and soon appearing in mathematics textbooks were numerous.
Damian held an NDEA Title IV Graduate Fellowship to support his Ph.