NDEANational Defense Education Act
NDEANorth Dakota Education Association (Bismarck, ND)
NDEANotre Dame Educational Association (Cotabato City, Philippines)
NDEANorth Devon Enterprise Agency (UK)
NDEAN-Nitroso-N-Diethylamine (chemical)
NDEANew Double Entry Accounting
NDEANational Distance Education Association (Lithuania)
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Scope of quantity or scope: The purpose of the procurement is to meet Buyer~s needs for the supply of equipment diesel, diesel and motor gasoline 95 to all Armed Forces and NDEA their departments and facilities through the establishment of framework agreements.
The NDEA appears on track, based on data as of October 2011, to record an increase in seizures and cases filed involving illegal drugs.
Except for the NDEA in the second term, Eisenhower utilized primarily demand-oriented strategies.
69) Additionally, social pressure led to identical classroom treatment for all children and the dismantling of many of the gifted programs that had begun as part of the NDEA.
NDEA was injected intraperitoneally to rats in a single daily dose of 200 mg/ kg b.
Damian held an NDEA Title IV Graduate Fellowship to support his Ph.
Support at earlier stages of my research was provided by NDEA, ONR, NAS, Japan Foundation, NSF, and Fulbright grants at the University of Rochester, University of Belgrade, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and University of Greifswald, and by sabbatical funding from Loyola College.
version of the NDEA, now called the College Access and Opportunity Act,
The University of Minnesota, Duluth, was encouraged to apply for an NDEA Institute.
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare: Statistics of Public School Libraries, 1953-54 and 1960-61; Public School Library Statistics, 1958-59 and 1962-63; School Library Resources, Textbooks, and Other Instructional Materials: Title II, ESEA, Fiscal Year 1975 and Strengthening Instruction in the Academic Subjects: Title III, NDEA, Fiscal Year 1975, Annual Reports.
Nitrosamine carcinogenesis in 5120 rodents: chronic administration of sixteen different concentrations of NDEA, NBMA, NPYR and NPIP in the water of 4440 inbred rats, with parallel studies on NDEA alone of the effect of age of starting (3,6, or 20 weeks) and of species (rats, mice or hamsters).
As Martin Kramer and others have observed, the NDEA has not worked as intended: disciples of the late Edward Said, a Palestinian-born professor of literature who seemed mostly interested in promoting his own ideology rather than creating a scholarly interpretation of the Middle East, now dominate the field of Middle East Studies.