NDEFNFC Data Exchange Format
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NDEFNortheast Deer and Elk Farmers
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The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has released its 16th specification, the Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP).
Previously, NDEF was applicable only to NFC tags in reader/writer mode.
By extending NDEF to peer-to-peer communications, our SNEP specification adds to the usability of NFC technology and broadens its possibilities, enabling enterprises to offer new, creative, and appealing applications to businesses and consumers," said Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum.
Specifications still under development include the RF analog specification and also higher-level protocols and applications such as the Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP) specification and the NFC Controller Interface (NCI) specification.
For NFC to succeed globally, it is essential to provide a means to verify the authenticity of data in NDEF messages and to ensure smooth interoperability with earlier NFC implementations and existing contactless infrastructure," said Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum.
The NDEF specification describes a common data exchange format for NFC Forum-compliant devices and NFC Forum-compliant tags.
To help ensure interoperability of NFC technology in a broad variety of devices, the RTD provides guidelines for specifying well-known record types for inclusion in NDEF messages exchanged between NFC Forum-compliant devices, and between NFC Forum-compliant devices and tags.