NDEINational Diabetes Education Initiative
NDEINon-Dimensional Error Index
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SOVAR, the Societe de valorisation des applications de la recherche of Laval University and affiliated hospitals, negotiated on behalf of NDEI for this agreement.
NDEI was founded in 2002 and is based in Quebec City, Canada.
Content for NDEI education programs and http://www.
Dreamcast can handle a more complex level of graphics than any other video game system we have seen in the past," explained Jason Netter, vice president, new business development, NDEI.
Takeda and Lilly are supporting NDEI educational programs as part of our commitment to improve patients' lives through better disease management.
Health care professionals can access NDEI programs and resources in a variety of ways, including the organization's Web site, newsletters and seminars.
Besides "Babylon-5," NDEI produced the legendary western mini-series "The Saketts," the family series "Five Mile Creek" for the Disney Channel and "The Wild West," a ten-hour, prime-time documentary series for PTEN and Warner Bros.