NDEVNips Developers Segment
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Consumer demand for voice-enabled mobile apps has continued to fuel NDEV Mobile's success, now with nearly 12,000 developers participating in the program.
The NDEV Mobile developer program gives Grainger the ability to further differentiate their unique mobile experience with the power and productivity made possible by Dragon.
Since its inception in 2011, Nuance's NDEV Mobile developer program has empowered developers to voice-enable their applications, allowing for more natural, intuitive, and interactive app experiences.
We launched NDEV Mobile Platform to inspire mobile developers like Expect Labs to create breakthrough applications with our industry-leading speech recognition platform.
NDEV Mobile voice transaction volume has increased 384% in the last six months
With NDEV Mobile's Dragon Mobile SDK, we have quickly integrated the power of Dragon into our app to expand the functionality and user experience from a non-verbal app, to a social mobile experience that is changing language learning on a global scale.
The NDEV Mobile developer program continues to drive app innovation across a broad range of industries, and we're pleased Grocery iQ has selected Dragon technology to further enhance the user experience on the iOS platform.
NDEV Silver: NDEV Silver Services provide Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS app developers with the ability to deploy their apps for free with the accuracy and reliability that only Nuance can provide.
On the heels of its expansion into Denmark, Portugal and Poland, NDEV Mobile's launch in Russia with support for Russian marks the 21st language in the Dragon Mobile SDK voice-to-text portfolio, with more than 30 for text-to-speech.
6,000 developers have joined NDEV Mobile since its launch in January, as the program offers flexible service and pricing options that best meet their needs - NDEV Silver, NDEV Gold and NDEV Emerald.
Also, developers can learn more about developing with Nuance voice via the NDEV Mobile developer program.
NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that itsNuance Mobile Developer Program, now NDEV Mobile, features new services that make it easier than ever for developers to voice-enable apps with Nuance's industry leading speech technology.