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NDFNeutral Detergent Fiber (in forages)
NDFNeutral Detergent Fiber
NDFNational Democratic Front (Philippines)
NDFNon-Deliverable Forward (forward contracts in countries with currency restrictions)
NDFNeutral Density Filter
NDFNo Defect(s) Found
NDFNational Development Framework (Afghanistan)
NDFNumber of Degrees of Freedom
NDFNonproliferation and Disarmament Fund
NDFNational Development Foundation (Antigua and Barbuda)
NDFNormal Distribution Function (stochastics)
NDFNational Digital Forum (New Zealand)
NDFNew Data Flag (SONET)
NDFNLAPS Data Format
NDFNational Defense Features
NDFNetwork Definition Facility
NDFNorwegian Development Fund
NDFNetwork Design Facility
NDFNorsk Diplomacyforbund
NDFNoise and Distortion Figure
NDFNo Direct Fire
NDFNothelfergemeinschaft der Freunde eV
NDFNumeric Differentiation Formula
NDFNon-Coherent Decision Feedback
NDFNorwegian Dive Federation
NDFNational Drug Free Youth Foundation (also seen as NDFYF; Miami, FL)
NDFNorske Dramatikeres Forbund (Norwegian: Writers' Guild of Norway)
NDFNational Data Form
NDFNetwork Diagnostics Framework (Microsoft)
NDFNational Defence Force (various locations)
NDFNetShrine Discussion Forum (baseball)
NDFNeue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft (German film production company)
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Roque, a former human rights lawyer, said on Thursday that there was nothing illegal in the arrest of Baylosis, and the NDF cannot invoke the Jasig because the peace talks were already terminated.
Ironically, the two negotiating panels were about to make the biggest advance in the peace process by finalizing and initialing the drafts of the general amnesty to release all the political prisoners listed by the NDF," as well agreements on agrarian and social and economic reforms, he said.
National Research Council (2001)recommends that 25% of dietary dry matter has to be NDF with at least 75% from a forage portion.
Right now the peace process with the NDF is not being discussed formally or informally in the Senate," Drilon said.
In vitro digestibility and methane production: The 3-step in vitro procedure of Tilley and Terry (1963) was adopted for determining the DM and NDF digestibility, with modification in the use of inoculums.
Duterte also promised to release more than 500 leftist political prisoners, some of whom were NDF peace consultants.
His spiking was very fast and well-targeted, to the point where the NDF team had a hard time blocking him.
However, prior to that, the NDF did not play a security role.
1 billion out of the NDF in the last days of the previous [calendar] year (which ended on March 20)," Mirkazemi explained, Iran's Tasnim News Agency reported on May 5.
NDF board member Mahmoud Dodangeh said in April that around $50 billion has been saved in the fund.
NDF resources will be used to finance development of climate change adaptation and mitigation action plans for midsize cities in Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua.