NDFCNational Donor Family Council (National Kidney Foundation)
NDFCNational Development Finance Corporation (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)
NDFCNational Darts Federation of Canada
NDFCNuclear Decommissioning Financing Committee (New Hamphsire)
NDFCNational Data Funding Corp
NDFCnot deserving further consideration
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We look forward to working with the industry professionals at NDFC on The Sampo project as the story of this legend carries such historic significance.
The NDFC, the national organization for these families, continues to advocate for families, and to help sensitize professionals regarding some of the language that is used in donation and transplantation (for instance, asking people to use words such as 'recover' or 'procure' rather than 'harvest').
4) HBL, UBL, and NBP are grouped in the NCBs, and IDBP and NDFC belong to the DFIs.
NDFC will be in charge of tracking and supporting both consumer and merchant services for the eCashPad, as well as collecting transaction fees paid by the web merchant to eConnect.
The informed consent recommendations of the NDFC are based on a policy of full disclosure of the facts prior to the consent for donation.
NDFC, whose acquisition by eConnect is pending, already provides electronic payment processing for 99 Cents Only Stores Inc.
The same phenomenon was observed by the NDFC (1994).
The technology that eConnect is putting together with NDFC is something that Sun is really embracing," said Don Yarter, Account Executive for America's eSun and Channels Sales Computer Systems.
NDFC was the first institution established after the nationalization process in 1972 for the specific purpose of extending long and short term loan assistance to the industrial and other enterprises which were nationalized and brought under the state-management.
National Development Finance Corporation: The NDFC was established in January 1973 for the purpose of providing long and medium-term loans, working capital finance and other types of financial assistance and advice to public sector enterprises NDFC also arranges consortia in the case of investment projects requiring large capital outlays and also finances export of local manufactured capital goods Subsequently, NDFC was allowed to enter into financing of industrial projects in the private sector Previously it had confirmed itself to financing new, expansion and BMR projects in the public sector.
Following final preparation by NDFC, these eCashPads will be delivered to in-house clients for use on a pilot basis.
Data source: NDFC Quarterly Review, (various issues) Karachi.