NDFDNational Digital Forecast Database (US NOAA)
NDFDNational Development Foundation of Dominica
NDFDNeutral Detergent Fiber Digestion (animal science)
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Arguments that NDFD reform would be a win/win proposition, protecting contractors from owner-caused delay, while enhancing competition and sharpening bid prices, have historically been met with misplaced cynicism by NYC.
The NDFD reform is part of a series of reforms first announced by Mayor Bloomberg in July.
The higher aDMD (after 72 h) and NDFD for the silage made with grass after 112 d of regrowth may be explained by an improvement in the fermentation process as reflected by the higher level of lactate in this silage.
A higher level aDMD (after 72 h), NDFD and total VFA with hay compared to silage in this study was expected due to the consumption of easily fermented carbohydrates (WSC and hemicellulose) during the ensiling process.
By incorporating the NDFD forecast, WeatherBug is able to provide forecasts made by meteorologists that live in our users' neighborhoods.
125%, plus the inoculant (I+S) resulted in silage with the highest ruminal NDFD throughout the period of incubation.
Initial operational capability for some elements of the NDFD will begin in December.