NDFDNational Digital Forecast Database (US NOAA)
NDFDNational Development Foundation of Dominica
NDFDNeutral Detergent Fiber Digestion (animal science)
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Arguments that NDFD reform would be a win/win proposition, protecting contractors from owner-caused delay, while enhancing competition and sharpening bid prices, have historically been met with misplaced cynicism by NYC.
The NDFD reform is part of a series of reforms first announced by Mayor Bloomberg in July.
Abbreviations: CAIC, Central Alfalfa Improvement Conference; CP, crude protein; IVTD, in vitro true digestibility; NDE neutral detergent fiber; NDFD, neutral detergent fiber digestibility; NIRS, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy.
With the inclusion of FPM, participation of NDF from soybean meal increased over corn, which may partially explain the linear behavior of NDFD.
Loss of NDF, with no loss in lignin would result in a lower NDFD, which was observed in this study.
By incorporating the NDFD forecast, WeatherBug is able to provide forecasts made by meteorologists that live in our users' neighborhoods.
Therefore the aim of the current experiment was to determine the effect of essential orange oil on in vitro gas production, total VFA, methane, ammonia production, ME, OMD, TDMD and NDFD.
The NDF concentrations of the hybrids were all equal, but NDFD was 20% greater in the brown-midrib forage.
Values of NDF, ADF, ADL, and NDFD were predicted for all samples using a single calibration equation per variable: SEC = 12.