NDFFNTFS (New Technology File System) Direct File Find
NDFFNevada Desert FACE (Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment) Facility
NDFFNitrogen Derived from Fertilizer
NDFFNo Doubt Fan Forum
NDFFNon-Dermatophyte Filamentous Fungi (dermatology)
NDFFNiger Delta Frontier Force (Nigeria)
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Seedlings in the F315 treatment had greater NDFF than those in the control treatment in all seedling organs (Needles Pless than 0.
Both TNfinal and NDFF were different among seedling organs (Fig.
Besides NDFP simulated N-deposition treatment also resulted in significant response of NDFF and biomass mainly in current stem (Fig.
The increased NDFF as well as NR in Changbai larch needles in response to N-deposition suggested the strengthened demand of N for photosynthetic assimilation stimulated by urbanization-related N-addition in a short term.
Table 5 Ndffs of the different organs of cotton at the initial flowering stage.
Ndffs of the different organs in cotton at the harvest stage in 2013 and 2014.