NDGPNorthern Division of General Practice (Australia)
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An interagency group of technical people, the NDGPS Policy and Implementation Team, recommends policy for the implementation of the NDGPS system, including establishing priorities for converting GWEN sites to NDGPS.
The practical applications of NDGPS include grand applications and simple ones.
5 million square kilometers) of land -- with NDGPS presents significant challenges: setting up 14 NDGPS sites, grappling with severe weather, getting to remote sites to set up the equipment, providing power to the sites, and coping with permafrost ground conditions in constructing the sites.
With the NDGPS and a plat of the property, it is relatively easy to relocate the markers and determine the area that is covered under the program.
The NDGPS installation plan calls for the deployment of 80 low-frequency broadcast stations by the end of 2002.
DOT has the primary coordinating responsibility, and within DOT, the Federal Railroad Administration is leading the development of the emerging NDGPS service.
at the Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been investigating the use of NDGPS to improve weather forecasting and climate monitoring.
Work with the new NDGPS has provided the ability to measure the slowing of satellite signals by water vapor with unprecedented accuracy.
The existing system has been used for many important purposes, such as helping boaters, hikers, and fliers determine their location, but NDGPS will make possible a multitude of new uses.
Based on the success of the Appleton station test, DOT determined that conversion of the GWEN transmitters would save the Air Force $6 million in decommissioning costs, while decreasing NDGPS deployment costs by $10 million.
Johnson said the benefit-to-cost ratio for NDGPS is 150 to 1 "with future uses for the technology appearing almost limitless.
DOT has projected the benefits from NDGPS with a 15-year life cycle to be $11 billion, of which $8.