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NDHSNotre Dame High School
NDHSNorth Dallas High School (Texas)
NDHSNorth Davidson High School (North Carolina)
NDHSNorwich District High School (Norwich, ON, Canada)
NDHSNew Dorp High School (Staten Island, NY)
NDHSNational Defense Highway System
NDHSNortheast Dubois High School
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4% in a similar study which analyzed data from NDHS 2008 (23), but far lower than 65% reported in a study in Ethiopia (20).
This study involved a secondary analysis of anonymised data from the NDHS 2013.
We assumed that among Nigerian women who require such care, the proportion who receive care is the same as the proportion of women giving birth who receive antenatal care in a health facility--41% in the North West, 49% in the North East, 67% in the North Central, 91% in the South East, 73% in the South South, 90% in the South West and 61% nationally, according to the 2008 NDHS.
Data drawn from the NDHS were entered into GraphPad Prism version 5 statistical software and the chi square test was performed to show association between de-worming and demographic variables.
In total, 827 young never-married males, aged 15-24 years, who were interviewed during the 2003 NDHS, were analyzed in the study.
NDHS (2002) data show that some knowledge of family planning is nearly universal among Nepalese women and men.
For this reason, I am enthusiastic about our relationship with NDHS.
The NDHS is being carried out by the PSA which is part of the worldwide MEASURE Demographic and Health Surveys program designed to collect information on a variety of health-related topics including fertility, family planning, and maternal and child health.
The 2017 NDHS showed that while more women were using oral contraceptive pills and injectables, the use of progestin subdermal implants like Implanon was only at 1.
We also acknowledge the support of the DHS Program and ICF International for the release of the NDHS dataset used for this study.
No dedicated studies of attitudes of men and their motivations for perpetrating domestic violence has been carried out previously in Timor, with the most relevant data on DV to date to be found in the NDHS.