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NDHSNotre Dame High School
NDHSNorth Dallas High School (Texas)
NDHSNorth Davidson High School (North Carolina)
NDHSNorwich District High School (Norwich, ON, Canada)
NDHSNew Dorp High School (Staten Island, NY)
NDHSNational Defense Highway System
NDHSNortheast Dubois High School
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Also, as the NDHS also showed, there is significant variation between districts.
There were also high levels of tolerance for physical abuse in the family which is supported by other data such as that in the 2010 NDHS.
Analysis of the NDHS individual data set showed that 11% of women reported that their partner was older than 59 (and therefore ineligible for the couples data set).
For this study, all households selected for the NDHS were divided into tertiles (low, medium, high) on the basis of their wealth index scores; to avoid sample bias, the resulting classifications were merged with the individual women's and couples' data before the sample was restricted.
To reduce respondent burden, we limited health risk behaviors to screening items judged to be of highest relevance to NDHS primary outcome domains (neuropsychological functions).
14, Verizon Information Services Vice President - Marketing Pat Marshal will present the $45,000 check to NDHS Partners in Education President James "Buff" Parham.
For this reason, I am enthusiastic about our relationship with NDHS.
However, according to the NDHS, although 58 percent of women went for antenatal consultations, only 36 percent of babies were delivered by doctors, nurses or midwives.
Information on spousal separation has been collected in each NDHS since 1996.
NDHS (2002) data show that some knowledge of family planning is nearly universal among Nepalese women and men.