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NDINational Democratic Institute
NDINon-Destructive Inspection (such as x-ray of wings for cracks)
NDINephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus
NDINon-Developmental Item
NDINational Death Index
NDINeck Disability Index (physical therapy)
NDINew Dietary Ingredient (FDA)
NDINautical Data International
NDINon-Industrial Disability Insurance
NDINo Deception Indicated (polygraph)
NDINational Deliverability Index
NDINitrogen Drawdown Index (Australian standard for composts, soil conditioners)
NDINew Data Indicator
NDINational Decertification Index (International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training)
NDINetwork Deployment and Integration
NDINuméro de Désignation d'Installation (French)
NDINavigation Data Integrator (US Navy)
NDINielsen Drug Index
NDINongard Depression Index (self-assessment tool)
NDINormalized Dispersion Index
NDINational Dialogue Initiative (various organizations)
NDINational Dance Institute (New York)
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During the 1990s, Yaroslavsky also conducted a number of seminars in the former Soviet Union for NDI on local government finance.
NDI has worked in Haiti since 1986 and observes strict political neutrality in all its activities.
Recalling its genesis--or the rebirth of a legendary model--Hirshberg says that they were conducting a meeting at NDI when Nissan was tens of billions of dollars in debt.
1978), had established a gradually longer NDI period, first, in May, to the time the Yr1 credit-elect was applied to the Yr2 installment to avoid the estimated tax penalty, and then to the due date of the Yr2 return, in Sequa, when not needed for any Yr2 estimated tax purpose.
NDI secured half of its financing for the deal through the Bank of Boston Corp.
NDI says that the system functions as an electronic routebook, allowing the route salesperson to record and print orders, deliveries and payments at the customer site, and then transmit the data to the corporate host computer.
We continue to broaden our manufacturing capabilities so that we can provide complete business solutions to our customers, and the addition of the MISTRAS ultrasonic NDI System will enhance our inspection service capabilities," said Rick Hundley, President of Unitech Composites and Structures.
The acquisition of NDI, develops Saabs market leadership in the unmanned underwater domain when it comes to regional reach, technology and innovative solutions.
NewTek NDI is an open standard to connect video equipment across a network.
However, the agency has received fewer than 1,000 NDI notifications since DSHEA was passed in 1994.
NDI technology delivers extremely low-latency video streams over a local area network such as the lGbps Ethernet network in your office or studio.
North-east based supply chain development organisation NDI UK is hosting an event on November 20 at the Village Hotel, Cobalt Business Park, in partnership with the MoD and North Tyneside council.