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NDINational Democratic Institute
NDINon-Destructive Inspection (such as x-ray of wings for cracks)
NDINephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus
NDINon-Developmental Item
NDINational Death Index
NDINeck Disability Index (physical therapy)
NDINew Dietary Ingredient (FDA)
NDINautical Data International
NDINon-Industrial Disability Insurance
NDINo Deception Indicated (polygraph)
NDINational Deliverability Index
NDINitrogen Drawdown Index (Australian standard for composts, soil conditioners)
NDINew Data Indicator
NDINational Decertification Index (International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training)
NDINetwork Deployment and Integration
NDINuméro de Désignation d'Installation (French)
NDINavigation Data Integrator (US Navy)
NDINielsen Drug Index
NDINongard Depression Index (self-assessment tool)
NDINormalized Dispersion Index
NDINational Dialogue Initiative (various organizations)
NDINational Dance Institute (New York)
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Many bases provide NDI support to the C-17, but JB Charleston is the only one used for testing.
NDI will name their state-of-the-art performance space at the National Dance Institute Center for Learning & the Arts in Harlem "The Howard Gilman Performance Space" in appreciation.
NDI is also working with factions in parliament to strengthen their constituency service activities and communications between the faction in the parliament and their party branch offices in the regions.
NDI will continue to operate as a separate membership organisation as it represents the interests of firms in the defence, aerospace, space and security sectors.
EEF has bought NDI from BE Group for an undisclosed sum and plans to run it as a separate membership organisation with the aim of using the two bodies' complementary strengths to benefit both.
American Herbal Product Association (AHPA) President Michael McGuffin discussed how marketers of new dietary ingredients (NDIs) could successfully meet NDI notification requirements at the American Conference Institute's (ACI) second annual Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements and Nutritionals held in New York, NY.
He also praised the efforts made by the NDI and Yemen Democracy and Elections Network to carry out an awareness campaign as well as training observers during the pilot project of the biometric voter registration in constituency number 10 within Sana'a secretariat.
During the visit, the NDI delegation will meet with the presidential candidates, members of the government and the electoral administration, leaders of political parties, civilian representatives, the media and international organisations.
The NDI also reportedly mobilised more than 70 teachers to supervise the elections, although they were not specialised in this field.
The event is hosted by NDI - Northern Defence Industries - a leading supply chain sourcing and development service representing the interests of businesses in the defence, aerospace, space and security sectors.
In Egypt, NDI was one of a number of civil society groups raided by police last year.
We understand that the UAE government has closed the NDI office in Dubai," said State Department spokesman Noel Clay, offering no further details but defending the group's work.