NDIIPPNational Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (Library of Congress)
NDIIPPNational Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program (US Library of Congress)
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For NDIIPP partners, it is not enough to preserve digital materials without also having strategies in place to make that content accessible.
All of the project partners as well as the management of the larger NDIIPP project commonly regard the first two years of the project as very successful despite a variety of set-backs (NYU lawyers delaying half a year before signing the agreement, the head of NYU's digital library program leaving to take a faculty position elsewhere).
All the parties involved were committed to the project, and would have continued their engagement even without the NDIIPP funding.
Much more will be learned over the next two years from our research, the research of other NDIIPP grants, as well as the work being done by others around the world in this field.
She is currently Stanford's project lead on an NDIIPP grant from the Library of Congress.
NDIIPP aims to address both issues while also ensuring the preservation of at-risk digital content.
Public Law 106-554, providing up to $100 million of funding, was authorized to support NDIIPP, with $75 million contingent on a dollar for dollar match from nonfederal sources.
Collaboration is key to making partnerships work, and NDIIPP rests on a firm commitment to sharing information and building on the insights of others.