NDIPNational Dental Inspection Programme (Scotland)
NDIPNeutral Detergent Insoluble Protein
NDIPNondeposit Investment Product
NDIPNational Death Index Plus
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The 3-year-old NDIP subjects had an age range of 2.
The comparison of study mean dmft with the 2008 NDIP results for the same age groups, where available, is shown in Table 3.
When considering the 2008 NDIP figures for the Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) health board area alone, then 27% fewer cleft children were caries free (p = 0.
When compared with the NDIP results for the 2008 inspections of nursery-aged children, the mean dmft figures are very similar (NDIP 0.
Fraction B3 is calculated by subtraction of ADIP from NDIP and is classified as a protein fraction which is insoluble but slowly degradable in the rumen (Sniffen et al.