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NDIRNon Dispersive Infra Red (used to measure the concentration of CO, CO2 in exhaust)
NDIRNon-Ionic Detergent-Insoluble Cellular Residue
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NDIR Number of directors PATENTS Number of patents PUBLIC A binary variable that takes the value of one if the firm is a public firm and zero otherwise.
La concentracion de la mezcla alimentada al reactor asi como la de los gases de combustion se analizaron, despues de pasar por una unidad de succion, acondicionamiento termico y eliminacion de humedad, con el analizador de gases NDIR (MAIHAK, modelo Multor 610) adecuado para la medicion simultanea de CO, C[O.
This capability is in contrast to other filter-based optical analyzers such as NDIR (nondispersive infrared) based instruments.
However, the tradeoff is a measurement system that tends to be larger, heavier, more complicated, and costly than a NDIR system.
2] analyzer is a NDIR analyzer with an accuracy of [+ or -] 0.
El gas acumulado es bombeado a traves de un circuito cerrado hacia el detector NDIR (Infrarrojo No-Dispersivo) de C[O.
2] version features a self-calibrating 0-2,000 ppm range NDIR [CO.
La composicion de los gases de combustion se midio con un analizador de gases infrarrojo no dispersivo, NDIR (MAIHAK, modelo Multor 610).
Cemtrex CEMS features compact sampling drawer for easy operation and maintenance and a choice of wide variety of analyzer technologies from NDIR to CLD, HFID, Paramagnetic, etc.
But the functional principle of a NDIR is based on the fact that gases with a constant dipole moment absorb electromagnetic radiation in specific wavelength ranges, particularly within the infrared spectrum.
The NDIR provides law enforcement organizations with an avenue for posting their supplemental dental images in a Web environment that will allow direct access to the digital images of the dental records.