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NDIRNon Dispersive Infra Red (used to measure the concentration of CO, CO2 in exhaust)
NDIRNon-Ionic Detergent-Insoluble Cellular Residue
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PRECISIVE (TFS) GC-TCD Compounds Speciation Yes Yes Accuracy High High Sampling Flow through, no On-site support requirement consumables gases & infrastructure Response time Seconds 2--S minutes Total cost of ownership Low High Other Flow-through The incumbent and considerations Unattended traditional choice No-calibration gases for this application No-carrier gases Calorimeter (residual oxygen) NDIR Compounds Speciation No No Accuracy High Low Sampling On-site support Flow through, no requirement gases & consumables infrastructure Response time Seconds Seconds Total cost of ownership High Low Other High initial and Poor choice considerations Operation cost, for this without compounds application speciation
The Washington State Patrol has submitted numerous supplemental dental image packages to the NDIR in conjunction with their NCIC records relative to missing, unidentified, and wanted persons.
No published information is available that shows systematic study to quantify effect of ageing on NDIR [CO.
These techniques have lead to the three basic configurations currently used in NDIR [CO.
The results from the tests conducted under accurate and repeatable conditions show a wide variation in humidity and temperature sensitivity among the NDIR [CO.
The working principles, physical construction, advantages and disadvantages of NDIR [CO.
Using Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS[TM]), Senscient ELDS detectors automatically ignore interferences from any non-target gases and vapors such as organic surfactants, alcohols, diesel fumes and oil mist or atmospheric elements such as rain, fog, and snow that can cause spurious alarms for traditional NDIR or LDS-based open path gas detection systems.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: toxic gas detection, combustible gas detection, toxic detectors - electrochemical, semiconductor, combustible gas detectors - catalytic and infrared and analyzers - NDIR, zirconia, paramagnetic, and electrochemical.
The user can select from many different gas modules including a chemilumenscent NOx analyzer, dozens of NDIR analyzer modules and four different O2 analyzer modules.
com) announced today that it has developed a new In-situ NDIR Analyzer for continuous emissions monitoring applications, the IS 2500 Multi Gas Analyzer.
Aydin's proprietary Quantum Ferroelectric Copolymer NDIR sensors are not affected by the presence of moisture and have been successfully demonstrated as a direct replacement in existing commercial infrared gas sensing systems.