NDLONorwegian Defense Logistics Organization
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From the NDLO side, it looks like this will be a success story," said Lt.
Scope of quantity or scope: It is NDLO intention to enter into a (fixed) price contract with one supplier, with effect from February 2015 with a tentative completion in October 2016.
We have a positive experience of the solution from IFS and look forward to upgrading to IFS Applications 7," said Harald Bye, head of the information department at the NDLO.
no Per Anders Bjorklund, acting Press and Information Director, NDLO Phone: +47 23 09 87 70 Mobile: +47 474 58 770 E-mail: pabjorklund@mil.
E[acute accent]"We are pleased that the NDLO has entrusted L-3 SPAR with this outer wing program," said Patrice Pelletier, president of L-3 SPAR.
Tailored to address NDLO requirements, the system will feature several operator workstations for the coordination of messages and transmission through a high frequency (HF) network, as well as the hardware needed for secure management, encryption, broadcast and receipt of all transmissions.
Earlier this year, the NDLO had selected Thales to provide through-life support for the six multi-role radar (MRR)-3D-NG systems, currently installed on to the Royal Norwegian Navy%s six Skjold-class patrol boats (FPB).
The contract is tailored to the exact maintenance requirements of the customer and brings NDLO access to the full range of Thales skills and experience in naval defence and radar systems.
For Thales, this partnership with NDLO sets up the first worldwide reference for this equipment.