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NDLSNational Disaster Life Support
NDLSNotre Dame Law School
NDLSNational Day Labor Survey
NDLSNorth Dakota Legal Services (New Town, ND)
NDLSNew Dungeness Light Station (Sequim, WA; lighthouse)
NDLSNorth Dakota Leadership Seminar (Bismarck, ND youth program)
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Users are encouraged to comment and recommend changes through the social networking function on NDLS.
Although the NDLS has a strong search capability, there are two librarians that can assist in conducting research for information that may be hard to find.
At this link, users can find answers to frequently asked questions about NDLS.
Fleet users access a scaled-down version of NDLS through Collaboration at Sea to overcome the limitations of limited bandwidth while operating at sea.
Improvements to NDLS are ongoing and Webster said there is a plan to provide fleet users with more capability.
First, it lowers the levels of NDLS, since the rate of interest considered in table 1 is lower than those resulting in the worst state of nature with default risk.
Table 2 shows the effects of introducing time-varying default risk in the calculations of the NDLS.
The first panel of table 2 shows how the benchmark estimates of the NDLS change when default risk is introduced.
The second panel of table 2 shows how NDLS change in the growth slowdown scenario.
First, the fact that the NDLS of the growth slowdown scenario in table 1 (ranging from 34 to 44 per cent of GDP among the examined countries) are much smaller than those of the no-default-risk case in panel 3 of table 2, shows that the strategy of setting a long-run real interest rate of 5 per cent, as a proxy for default risk in the estimates of table 1, was not a bad approximation.
The early delivery will allow Raytheon to begin, ahead of schedule, the process of integrating NDLS at the Greenville, Texas-based Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL).
The NDLS will enable transfer of radar sensor data from Global Express aircraft to ground stations.