NDLTDNetworked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
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Of the eighty-seven music-related ETDs with unrestricted access in the aforementioned NDLTD Union Catalog, only six include multimedia supplements.
The previously described OCLC-based NDLTD Union Catalog was developed in this manner, primarily by harvesting data from sites that utilize a standard metadata format called Dublin Core, (31) and support a simple metadata harvesting protocol developed for the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).
NDLTD is working hard to overcome these limitations.
It seems that most ETDs in the OCLC-based NDLTD Union Catalog are not indexed by Google and other popular Internet search engines, and those that are indexed are difficult to find if the search does not benefit from the incorporation of specific information, such as the author's name or the exact title of the document.
Conversely, a vertical index (or "vortal") like that which is described in "The Economics of Information" would foster scholarly communication by providing an unprecedented level of access to resources that otherwise might not see the light of day, resources such as the theses and dissertations in the NDLTD Union Catalog.
Are the ETDs on UMI's server and those of more than 196 NDLTD member institutions around the world receiving this kind of attention?
Most of the 8,264 OCLC set records in the NDLTD Union Catalog are duplicate records of those listed by other NDLTD member institutions.
At the time this article was written in November 2003, there were 183 music-related ETDs in the OCLC-based NDLTD Union Catalog.
The basic idea of the NDLTD is to develop a system for creating and storing graduate theses in electronic form.
Following the report on the NDLTD, there were six presentations on various aspects of the Digital Library Initiative at UIUC.
NDLTD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization with an international membership of universities, companies, and libraries that is devoted to sharing the knowledge contained in electronic theses with students and researchers, worldwide.
Chachra will serve on the NDLTD Steering Committee as VTLS' representative.