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NDMNational Democratic Movement
NDMNonfat Dry Milk
NDMNetwork Data Mover
NDMNatural Disaster Management
NDMNewspaper Designated Market
NDMNational Defence Medal (proposed United Kingdom Service Medal)
NDMNear Dry Machining (applying a very small amount of lubricant in lieu of flood coolant)
NDMNo Disrespect Meant
NDMNon-Daily Metered (gas industry; various locations)
NDMNetwork Data Manager
NDMNorth Down Militia (Northern Ireland)
NDMNon Deductible Meal
NDMNuclear Density Meter
NDMNon-Deployed Missile
NDMNCCS Data Management
NDMIndoorsmen (gaming clan)
NDMNational Directory of Magazines
NDMNational Duty Manager (IBM)
NDMNetwork Design & Management
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Association of the novel aminoglycoside resistance determinant RmtF with NDM carbapenemase in Enterobacteriaceae isolated in India and the UK.
First, the laboratory detected the NDM in a timely fashion.
Here, we explore the possibility of using NDM for measuring BD for soil carbon audits or monitoring.
His contempt for those who wear the Queen's uniform is equally profound and is manifest by his and his ministers' attitudes to those of us that have tried to make contact and put forth the case for a NDM.
These observations suggest that the cranberry NDM fraction has the potential to reduce both the proliferation of periodontal pathogens in periodontal sites and their proteinase-mediated destructive process that occurs in periodontitis.
After 2-4 months of treatment, no significant change to DM or NDM was found, with two exceptions: Logical verbal information presented at normal speed on a single exposure was reduced in the anticholinergic group, and speed of information processing was reduced.
Outside that market, in the 59,846 households in the retail trade zone (RTZ) or the area of NDM not included in the city zone, they get into 48.
colistrain, incL/M incA/C incN2 ST 18, ST101 - - - 24, ST101 - - - 25, ST101 - - - 28, ST101 - - - 221, ST101 - - - 34, ST648 - - - 192, ST648 - - - 346, ST648 - - - 43, ST405 - - - 54, ST405 - - - * armA and rmtB, aminoglycoside methylase genes; CTX-M-15, cmy, and dha, [beta]-lactamases; inc, plasmid incompatibility group; NDM, New-Delhi metallo-[beta]-lactamase; ST, sequence type; -, negative; +, positive.
We have now also identified bacteria with this type of resistance - NDM - in around 50 patients in the UK.
His contempt for those who wear the Queens uniform is profound and is manifested by his and his ministers' attitudes to those of us that have tried to make contact and put forth the case for a NDM, which we all know to be just and fair.
We have all, in the NDM campaign, sent letters to the MoD, ministers, MPs, national and local newspapers and, even, HM The Queen.