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NDMPNetwork Data Management Protocol
NDMPNational Disaster Management Plan
NDMPNational Disaster Mitigation Program (Australia)
NDMPNational Dormouse Monitoring Programme (UK)
NDMPNewham Docklands Motorcycle Project (London, England, UK)
NDMPNew Dynamic Media Productions, Inc. (GTP123, Inc.)
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The significant public and private sector stakeholders, other than United Nation (UN) and other improvement accomplices were present on the occasion that hailed the NDMP and affirmed to support NDMA in every possible manner.
3 configuration based on a Linux backup server with a tape autoloader, protecting one NDMP NAS, one Solaris server and one Oracle Linux server is approximately $5,000.
In that sense, it is conceptually similar to the NDMP third party copy solution with a couple of notable differences.
Known as TAOS, it is a TCP/IP-based architecture, implemented using open systems standards including NDMP, iSCSI, and others, including the company's proprietary Internet Tape Protocol.
Both EMC and NetApp were active members of the original NDMP task force and were influential in the early specification development.
The remaining four solutions all utilize the open NDMP standard (www.
VA Linux worked with Workstation solutions to test and qualify the interoperability of Quick Restore with the VA Linux 9205 NAS system using the NDMP protocol.
In Overland's case, they partnered with Network Appliance using a Fibre Channel connection with a filer and tape library using NDMP.
NDMP describes comprehensive disaster management strategy in Pakistan and determines the roles and responsibilities in relevant ministries and authorities to disaster management and mitigation, he added.
Applications continue to run on the local server that accesses the NAS using NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol).
NDMP allows a network backup application to back up and restore the data on a NAS file server without being installed on the file server itself.
Incompatible NDMP device standards have long posed a dilemma for IT administrators at the time of syncing up email systems with backup software for reliable email data storage and protection.