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NDMSNational Disaster Medical System
NDMSNational Disaster Management System
NDMSNorth Davidson Middle School (Lexington, NC)
NDMSNetwork Data Management System (wireless computer networking)
NDMSNuclear Document Management System
NDMSNAVAIR Depot Maintenance System
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Coast Guard, (43) and supporting medical cooperative efforts through the NDMS with DHHS and other interagency stakeholders.
The NDMS did just that by combining observations from paleontology and evolutionary biology with genetics and molecular biology.
through state-licensing waivers) while also maintaining national level coordination and quality control, for example, through the NDMS.
The NDMS analysis did not indicate a clear separation among habitats (Fig.
NDMS provides a GP locum service, training and operational and admin staff to GP-led services across the region.
Naturally, the Janacek repertoire is another constant of the NDMS Opera dramaturgy.
For example, NDMS was developed to provide the capability for mass medical evacuation of injured U.
The disaster medical assistance teams (DMATs) make up one component of the NDMS.
In addition to the private sector component of the NDMS, the Commissioned Corps Readiness Force (CCRF) includes officers within the U.
When the state gets overwhelmed, and they go to the federal government, that's us," explained Pete Podell, the national training officer for the NDMS program.
In other areas of Florida, HHS dispatched NDMS and the U.
Pete Podell, national NDMS training officer, said that his office received more than 1,500 inquiries from medical providers within days of the terrorist attacks.