NDNADNational DNA Database (UK)
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49) Thus, the CJPOA expanded the scope of data that police could collect for the NDNAD to include intimate samples (e.
He said: "In some cases we will check crime samples that police forces from across Europe have gathered against our NDNAD.
While the FSS can help foreign police by running checks on the NDNAD, more often international authorities call on the experts for help in developing their own DNA techniques.
Familial searches of the NDNAD can provide information about the identity of an individual who could be a parent or child of the offender.
Since this issue came to light procedures have been strengthened to ensure that all forensic laboratories are now required to submit weekly and monthly reports on DNA profiles that are unable to be loaded to the NDNAD quality team, who check the samples against the Police National Computer.
Of the 26,000 profiles, 5,000 could not be loaded on to the database for "technical or legal reasons", the NDNAD report said.
In disclosing the information, the NPIA said: "The date of birth (DOB) held on NDNAD for a subject is the DOB provided by the individual to the police officer at the time of arrest or the time of providing the volunteer sample.
The Government wants the NDNAD - run by the FSS on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers - to contain the DNA profiles of the estimated three million active criminals in England and Wales by April 2004.
Information held on the NDNAD also includes the name of the police force which submitted the DNA sample.