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NDOCNevada Department of Corrections
NDOCNon-Departmental Output Class (New Zealand)
NDOCNational Defense Operations Center
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Both NDoc and CellTrak's Care Delivery Management solution enable home health and hospice agencies to more efficiently and effectively capture, share, understand, and act on critical client data - which translates into a higher quality of care, better client outcomes, and a more engaged and satisfied caregiver team.
The NDOC system transition from the current provider is expected to be completed by April.
where NDoc is the total number of documents in the collection and Dk is the number of documents containing term k.
The fate of Ndoc Nikaj is especially outrageous--if such distinctions may be made at all.
What could be called modern Albanian verse is presented in chapter 7, "Vers l'Albanie nouvelle," with the works of the long-persecuted Dhora Leka, of Aleks Caci, the late Arshi Pipa, Mark Gurakuqi, and Llazar Siliqi, and in chapter 8, "Les miracules du communisme," with the classic writers of the communist period, among whom are several political prisoners: Fatos Arapi, Dritero Agolli, Dhori Qiriazi, Ismail Kadare, Jorgo Bllaci, Frederik Rreshpja, Adem Istrefi, Ndoc Gjetja, Ndoc Papleka, Xhevahir Spahiu, Natasha Lako, Bardhyl Londo, Moikom Zeqo, Rudolf Marku, Visar Zhiti, Agim Isaku, Ilirian Zhupa, Besnik Mustafaj, and Mimoza Ahmeti.
NDoc is built on the InterSystems Ensemble[R] rapid integration and development platform.
First, NDOC segregates inmates with HIV through a policy prohibiting the housing of inmates with HIV in the same cells as inmates who do not have HIV.
Table 3 Results for each indicator Indicators Countries Ndoc Ncit/doc NTop5 Total of the sample 108,741 4.
This is why the leadership of NDOC developed True Grit in 2004.
The execution or death in prison of noted figures of early twentieth-century literature such as Kristo Floqi, Ndoc Nikaj, Vincenc Prennushi, Lazer Shantoja, Terenzio Tocci, and Ndre Zadeja were well known in the eighties to any observer wishing to know.
Under the terms of the agreement, CompuMed's CardioGram system will be used to provide remote cardiac screening for selected detention facilities in the NDOC system, which houses more than 13,000 inmates.