NDOHNational Department of Health (South Africa)
NDOHNext Date of Hearing (legal)
NDOHNavajo Division of Health (Window Rock, AZ)
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Furthermore, the NDOH distributed the booklet to all their provincial offices to promote local events to support the campaign.
Focus Area 4: Cost and budget modeling and technical assistance modeling of national costs and budgetary needs for HIV and TB care and treatment and TA to the NDOH.
In addition, ASELPH organises and hosts University Forums, Policy Seminars and Round Tables to address key policy debates, as identified by NDOH, and focus on issues that will present the greatest challenges to implementation.
It is the belief of the authors that further discussion with the NDOH is needed to reconcile the programmatic approach to HIV-HBV management with the recognition that HBV-related liver disease in HIV-infected patients may be prevented by early screening and treatment, thereby positively affecting quality of life, morbidity and mortality.