NDORNebraska Department of Roads
NDORNational Day of Reason
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We provided NDOR with a guideline document," says Bonneson.
SpeedInfo worked with us to set up a system trial and we quickly found the data provided a significant benefit for our operations," said Jaimie Huber, ITS project manager for NDOR.
NDOR and SHPO, which is a division of the Nebraska State Historical Society, both have roles in planning highway projects and managing cultural resources.
Position NDOR business practices to support performance based planning and management.
prime contractor), Wells Engineering (design consultant), NDOR, and FHWA joined in a unique partnership that provided matching funds for federal-aid money.
We were very impressed with GEOPAK's general applicability to the way we work," says Bill Wehling, computer applications engineer at NDOR.
Deliverables The Consultant will provide a draft APDM report in electronic format (and paper if requested) for NDOR review and approval.
Ellis Tompkins, intermodal transportation engineer at NDOR, states, "Our department wishes to automate the state's permitting process, which is currently done by hand.
Ros Pluck, traffic management and casualty reduction manager of Durham and Cleveland police, said: "Part of the proceeds from the NDORS speed awareness courses in Durham comes back to the force to use for road safety measures and casualty reduction.
Through NDORS drivers undergo re-training as an alternative to prosecution and pay pounds 80 to take one of the courses.
It is also a supplier of administration systems to local authorities and police forces involved in the NDORS initiative.