NDOTNevada Department of Transportation
NDOTNational Department of Transport (South Africa)
NDOTNational Day of Thanksgiving (Australia)
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NDOT has hit the transport sector with its eminent products for taxi management, Taximobility, and fleet and logistics management, CerebroX, serving clients around the world.
We were surprised by the countless demands from our customers, even amongst the crowd of applications, for ones that gratify their individual needs," commented Nandakumar Somasundaram, CEO of NDOT.
This implied that if highway travel time were addressed by NDOT, a greater number of respondents who are currently dissatisfied would feel that the level of congestion on Nevada highways was acceptable.
NDOT, as is the case with most Departments of Transportation, needed an effective way to provide real-time digital updates on road closures during emergency situations.
Similar to messages pertaining to the importance of public transit (Smith, Razzouk, and Richardson 1990), successful deployment of VMT and other important transportation messages will require systematic communication that goes beyond surface-level targeting, and instead requires NDOT to focus messages to target public opinion segments of the population.
With the goal of relieving congestion at the ramp terminal intersections, NDOT evaluated three alternatives: (1) addition of dual left-turn lanes on Horizon Drive and the off-ramps, (2) installation of a DDI using the existing crossroad pavement, and (3) construction of a single-point urban interchange (in which all through traffic on the arterial street, as well as the traffic turning left onto or off the interchange, can be controlled from a single set of traffic signals).
NDOT Technologies will be showcasing Uniecommerce, a multi-merchandising app that allows users access to ecommerce products, deals, and auction in a single convenient platform.
As a means to help it meet its safety objectives, keep operating costs low, and minimize the amount of deicing material used on its roadway network, NDOT has implemented a Road Weather Information System (RWIS) based upon modern sensor and data processing technology, together and with dedicated forecast models.
The goal is to create an equitable way of taxing drivers while providing NDOT with the appropriate funds for Nevada's road system.
Now, for the Driver app part, NDOT has created and enhanced a new user interface where the drivers can view their current and previous trip details.
Importantly, NDOT also provided cores from a 10-year-old paving project to determine whether the lime could still be detected after long outdoor exposure.