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NDPNew Democratic Party (Canada)
NDPNational Day Parade (Singapore)
NDPNational Development Plan
NDPNational Development Plan (Ireland)
NDPNational Democratic Party (Barbados)
NDPNotre Dame Prep (school)
NDPNational Day of Prayer
NDPNet Domestic Product
NDPNational Development Party (Kenya)
NDPNeighbor Discovery Protocol
NDPNational Drug Policy
NDPPeople's Democratic Party (Uzbekistan)
NDPNorrie Disease (gene)
NDPNationale Democratische Partij (National Democratic Party - Suriname)
NDPNom de Plume (French: Pen Name)
NDPNumeric Data Package
NDPNational Defense Panel
NDPNuclear Disarmament Party (Australia)
NDPNational Disclosure Policy
NDPNumeric Data Processor
NDPNational Distinguished Principal
NDPNight Defensive Position
NDPNeutron Depth Profiling
NDPNumber of Data Points (atomic data)
NDPNew Deal for Partners (UK)
NDPNetwork Document Processor
NDPNational Defense Policy
NDPNationally Determined Parameter
NDPNew Dry Process
NDP.NET Developer Platform
NDPNational Diploma in Poultry (UK)
NDPNetwork Data Plane
NDPNeutral Density Profile
NDPNormal Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
NDPNormal Discard Priority
NDPNeutron Detector Package
NDPNetwork Design Problem (shipping algorithm)
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While polls in Quebec stabilized, with the NDP moving back into contention there, the Liberals took a clear national lead over both Tories and NDP.
The door is open for all political parties and various NGOs to join the two-side cooperation reached between NDP and the PDSH Reform Movement", reads the communique of NDP.
The current party standings in the Manitoba Legislature are: NDP 37, Progressive Conservatives 19, Liberal 1.
The Cairo Urgent Matters Court of Appeals said the plaintiff failed to present to the court any evidence incriminating NDP leaders in corruption charges.
The NDP, founded in late 1970s by late president Anwar Al sadat, dominated Egypt's politics for more than three decades.
Bellemare also charged the union representing NDP employees of ignoring her plight and not doing enough to defend her interests.
Darcey Garbutt struck gold in the NDP Four nine/10 girls' category and Rebecca Temperley won the NDP Four 13+ girls' competition.
There are a number of key issues to be discussed revolving around the infrastructure of the NDP, such as changes in the financial services industry in Africa and South Africa, drivers of these changes and changing consumer behavior.
Trudeau will probably increase his seat standing, taking Quebec NDP seats from Mulcair.
The CEP's loyalty to the NDP and its leadership has in fact been unequivocal over the years, regardless of the policies of the NDP leadership.
Kris Babicci, CEO of Commercial Bank International, along with senior management met each of the NDP graduates.
Some of the members of the NDP were corrupt, but not all of them" Auda said.