NDPANational Drug Prevention Alliance (UK)
NDPANational Decorating Products Association
NDPANational Disaster Protection Act
NDPANonprofit Down Payment Assistance (banking)
NDPANational Diploma in Performing Arts (degree)
NDPANational Drought Preparedness Act
NDPANational Director of Public Affairs
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We interviewed individuals who were still involved in the wallpaper industry, such as the executive director of the Wallpaper Association, a retired executive director of the NDPA, and several other industry leaders.
When I was with NDPA we offered a wallpaper salesperson certification course for local retailers.
3) In 1996, the NDPA changed its name to the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association (PDRA).
6) In March 1992, a summary judgment was granted in favor of NDPA and FSC, except for one count that was dismissed.
Children whose parents provided written consent were involved in the study, and were first seen by a physiotherapist who completed a demographic information questionnaire, the M-ABC, and the NDPA.
NDPA scores for motor performance are not standardised hence statistical comparison between groups was not undertaken.
First, the NDPA was used to evaluate motor performance.
The children in both Group 1 ([less than or equal to] 15%ile) and Group 2 (> 15%ile) demonstrated mean summed NDPA criterion scores much higher than expected of typical scores indicating significant sensory, perceptual and motor performance issues.
intensity (in parentheses) (in parentheses) NDMA 74(100), 42(98), 43(44) 74(100), 42(72), 43(45) NDEA 102(100), 44(25), 42(20), 102(100), 44(87), 42(83), 56(21) 56(54) NDPA 130(28), 42(65), 43(100), 130(22), 42(66), 43(100), 70(98), 101(13) 70(66), 101(13) NPYR 100 (100), 41(80), 100 (100), 41(69), 42(61), 68(18) 42(45), 68(14) NPIP 114(90), 41(25), 42(100), 114(100), 41(28), 42(94), 55(54) 55(83) NDBA 158(38), 84(100), 158(18), 84(100), 116(43), 99(36), 57(54) 116(35), 99(19), 57(70) Table 2.
The NDPA would provide catastrophic loss coverage for everyone who has a federally insured mortgage.
The NDPA would correct this by providing for advance financing of natural disaster.
An important but somewhat overlooked benefit of the NDPA would be savings to federal and state governments in catastrophe relief funding.